I was having a pretty miserable morning today. 
Insomnia mixed with medical mishaps.
I felt really stressed out and wanted to just cry.

I posted this on Facebook yesterday...

And this morning I received a text from a great friend asking to meet up. She has been a very good friend to me, even at times I haven't deserved it. I am rubbish at keeping in touch with people. It's not that I don't want to, it is just that I forget to contact them!
I know that sounds weak, but in this last couple of weeks alone, I have promised to:
  • call my brother back (still not done); 
  • add a note to my To Do list to call a friend last Monday (saw her by chance at the weekend)
  • missed a call from my step-father, who I have seen since but didn't think to ask why he called...

So I meet up with my friend, feeling pretty crappy, and she ends up making me smile and laugh so easily. And she bought me a really fab gift set from Lush, all wrapped up in a beautiful head scarf.

She added one of these as it was Halloween, but I love skulls anyway

 The parcel was wrapped up in a head scarf, (not this one) which was shaped into a shoulder bag.
In the package of goodies was a card that showed the various ways of re-tying the scarf.

Phone, text or email a friend now, just to say 'Hi, I am thinking of you'. 
You will both be better for it.


  1. Love you sweet girl!!! Hugs and Kisses to you!

  2. Thank you Lori. Love to you too x


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