Really really shitty day

I had a really shitty day yesterday. 

I went to Mind in the morning for a Mindfulness and Meditation course and then to therapy in the afternoon. I just ended up wound up. 

I got a message on Facebook that everyone seems to know I'm pregnant now. I am really annoyed as I didn't want to tell some people and ended up feeling forced in to it. 

I text my brother to tell him, I don't want him to find out from seeing someone post a message about it on a social networking site. 

I feel rubbish physically, my back is killing, I'm being sick. I really am not blooming. 
I was so fed up and upset I cried for about 3 hours, full on wailing sobs. Got myself even more worked up as I couldn't even cry about it without throwing up.

Think just everything got to me. Oh and I ended up smoking 10 cigarettes, so that made me feel even more crap. I don't think I could feel any worse... 

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