Suicide is NOT selfish

I really am pissed off with the 'suicide is selfish' train of thought.

Really? How many of you would even know if your so called friends were considering it?
And if you did, then what?

It is not a selfish, nor brave act, but it does take strength. And not just literally.

There is a great video on the website Ruby Wax has recently launched, about shame. A freebie many sufferers of mental health problems get thrown in. 

I hope that people who say things like 'suicide is selfish' and 's/he could have just got help' never have to understand how difficult mental health issues are. When you feel like you don't have anything to live for it is a challenge to just make it through the day. Sometimes fighting those thoughts takes too much effort and strength. 

This isn't intended as a 'I know all about people's state of minds' post, it's just a rant, a personal one. 
Many sufferers of mental health issues say each bout is different, each day can be different. I don't know my own demons well enough to consider them a battle won, let alone comment on anyone elses.

But having been at a stage where I wanted to take my own life, I know that every day is a struggle for some. Someone who attempts to take their own life because they don't feel they live up to the world's expectations of them, or even just their own, and is 'saved' by whatever reason, is not going to be helped by being told they are selfish. Throwing that in is like adding petrol to a burning fire.

And do you know what? It isn't always that easy to pick up the phone to talk to stranger, sometimes what you really need is a friend. 

So if I ring you, as a friend, feeling suicidal, I really hope you won't tell me I am selfish...

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  1. For a mad woman, you're very wise. Saying suicide is selfish is one of the most selfish things one could ever say.


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