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I am starting to look after myself better, mainly due to pregnancy, but I hope to continue after the baby is born. I am eating a bit rubbish at the moment, heartburn is a b1tch! I am conscious of it, so am trying to get back to healthier eating. 
I am also continuing with my pregnancy massages, they are great for mind, body, and baby.

Mind & Blogs
I am enjoying reading other blogs, especially pregnancy and mummy related ones. I am pleased to be part of the Groovy Mums blog hop and promise to do better to link up. Kate (Kate On Thin Ice) is an inspiration and a lady I enjoy talking to.
I am pleased that some of the bloggers I nominated for Brilliance in Blogging Awards have been shortlisted. Please do check out the list and vote. Voting is open until Monday April 30, 2012 at 17:00 GMT.

This isn't an area I focus on. I enjoy religion theoretically, but not spiritually. I know religion is very important to some, so I am happy for this category to be included, even if I do just skip over it. 

Charity Connections
Do think about supporting National Daffodil Month and raising funds for the Marie Curie nurses. 
In the past I have raised money for Diabetes UK, SANE, and St Gemma's through a variety of ways.
I recently blogged about a charity cycle ride for RNIB and this is something I may continue to do in future blog posts.

Special Days
It is National Bed Month and you can find out more on good sleep by clicking here. I have previously blogged about problems with sleeping, and am currently suffering quite badly with insomnia. I feel undermined and not listened to when I mention it now, I mean I'm pregnant surely I'm not meant to sleep anyway...?

The Big Question – Why do you set limits for yourself?  Are you setting them too low? 
I am an expert in self sabotage and during recent weeks this has been evident. I have little faith in my own abilities at times, but I must have them, I get good positive feedback on my creative writing and have been chosen to be involved in So You Want To Be A... Writer


  1. I used to eat polo's for heartburn when I was pregnant. Peppermint is very good for digestion so is ginger. Give a great excuse for scoffing ginger nuts and polos all day too. Hope it helps coz you're right, it's a real bitch! xx

    1. Thanks Kat.
      I'm eating my body weight (no mean feat) in antacids at the mo. Will try polo's. Tried every possible combination of ginger to cope with morning sickness so not in a rush to eat that again!


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