We Bought a Zoo

I went to preview of We Bought a Zoo on Monday.

A recently widowed father (Matt Damon) wants a better life for his kids and a 'new' start. Whilst viewing houses he falls for a beautiful, but rundown house. However, it comes with a catch, a minor detail...

Given that I'm not a fan of Damon (I think he's too interchangeable with DiCarprio, Affleck et al) and having read the synopsis, I was debating not going.

I'm glad I did. It is a funny, often overtly sentimental film. But will keep the kids entertained. The younger members of the audience really seemed to enjoy it, especially all the animal scenes. 

The scenes with Scarlett Johansson I didn't really think added much to the film, but Hollywood will always add a bit of romance. I felt it detracted away from her character's passion for her job and the animals.

There are some well written scenes with Damon and his two kids, and with his brother, especially when talking and reminiscing about his wife.

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