Antenatal Depression

There has been a lot in the news again recently about this and how many women are struggling both antenatally and postnatally. Thankfully Postnatal Depression (PND) has become more talked about and understood in the last decade. 

I have written previously about my own struggle with depression, and the extra problems that caused with my pregnancy, see Pregnancy and Depression, Depression, self harm, pregnancy and F*ck Ups and The Mount Perinatal Mother & Baby Unit

I don't understand why it is now becoming an issue, like PND or any other mental illness, I imagine it has always being around, just not discussed. No, I'm not saying that is how it should be, I'm just wondering why it's now so prevalent?

I implore any women who is not feeling herself, right, whatever term you want to use to seek help, be it a chat to Health Visitor, G.P., partner, or friend. 

I can guarantee whatever you are feeling, you are not alone. Many other women feel the same. 

Look after yourself ladies. You may not think you have the time or right to be ill, but if you aren't there to do what you do, who will be?

Take care.

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