Baby Sleep Issues

As I said in this week's Reason to be Cheerful post, the Little Lady is coming along great, definitely developing her personality, and exerting her independence. 

However, this is turning bedtimes in to a nightmare! I was very lucky that she slept through (12am - 6am) from 3 weeks; although that made me feel like a horrible person at the time. I mean some parents are up all night and I was depressed?!

For some reason at the moment she doesn't want to go to bed. Up until the last couple of weeks she was going to bed about 9pm until 7 - 8am, settling herself in between, and 2 or 3 daytime naps of 30 minutes if I was lucky. Now she just won't settle on a night. I've tried extra feeds, both during day and a larger night feed; controlled crying; soothing bedtime lullaby light projector with just music, just lights, both.

I haven't tried incorporating baths in to a bedtime routine as they usually make her quite excitable!

Please leave me a comment telling me your hints and tips.

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