Blog Names, Titles, and Taglines

Yet another Reason to be Cheerful post started with:
but onwards and upwards
...and all that jazz...

I mentioned I am thinking of changing the name of this blog, and seen as 'Onwards & Upwards' is becoming a theme, maybe this should be the new one?

My other thought was 'Meh, Meh, Me'.

How did you choose your blog name? Any flashes of inspiration to share? Do comment and let me know.


  1. Mine was meant to be a play on words F.A.B fertility & babies at 40. Because it took me that long to have babies, but I think most people just think. Arrogant bitch thinks she's fab!
    Haha maybe that's why nobody likes me and I should change my blog title to Billy No Mates or Face Don't Fit :)

    1. Oh Nichola! No, no, no!
      I like FAB, and besides what's is wrong with being proud of yourself?
      I think you are FAB anyway :-)


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