Reasons To Be Cheerful

This week I am really pushing myself to do this. I'm fighting depression and have had a hell of a week!
But, that's the point of Reasons To Be Cheerful, to always find something to be positive about; well for me anyway.

For more information on what Reasons to Be Cheerful (#R2BC) is all about please check out this post from Michelle at Mummy from the Heart for a full description.

  1. I have great friends. Although, I only have a few, the ones I have are amazing, whether in Real Life or Online. I just wish I could accept their offers of help more.
  2. Little Lady is a beautiful, (usually) happy girl; and that's down to me. I am a good mum, and need to believe that of myself. She's teething badly this week, both bottom first molars are coming through and poor baby has been in agony (off her food, fever, not sleeping, generally inconsolable). 
  3. I have taken some positive steps towards better mental health. I am aware that I try to do too much at once, so am trying to take it easy, otherwise planning will just be that and I won't do anything! 
Hope you have had a great week. 

A complete balls up of a week!

My fear of having a crap birthday last week probably led me to setting myself up for a fail!
In the past few years I have spent my birthday home alone, whilst hubby was at work, or whilst we were separated. This year, whilst having money burning a hole in my pocket, and NEEDING to spend it, (I really mean spend it!), I finally treat myself to some pampering and loved it. 

Read about Beauty Culture here and Hayley Warner Make Up here

I had a good birthday. As I had the Make Up Lesson in morning with my great friend, followed by afternoon tea at The Queens Hotel, I didn't even have any alcohol till evening, which meant I wasn't drunk by 7 p.m. and home! lol

After I had my make up done, I felt really exposed, I know that sounds contradictory, but I don't wear it often, and it was quite full on, especially with my St Tropez tan and fuchsia pink dress!

My friend looked lovely, and was told by her hubby and myself. She told me I looked good, but my hubby never even mentioned it. Now, logically, I know this is because I bought a dress I was unsure of, completely different style to usual, and asked his opinion. He said he liked it apart from the mesh overlay on arms and chest. I immediately took this as I look crap, and hate myself, and this sodding dress! He decided not to comment further on anything else...

Because depression is such a bitch. I ended up feeling unloved, undervalued, disrespected, etc..
After another little incident the following day, I had a meltdown. 

I needed to get away, I couldn't handle the way I felt and being around him. I wanted him to acknowledge how I felt. Let’s be fair, we married 8 years ago, if he doesn't know me by know...

I ended going to see a family member, bearing in mind I only have the one, which went tits up too! It ended with me in tears, getting a taxi at £110 and only taking what I could carry, i.e. my daughter and bags. I had to leave various things, spending money I didn’t have just to get away in the early hours of the morning.

Sometimes life just f*cking sucks too!

Reasons To Be Cheerful

For more information on what Reasons to Be Cheerful (#R2BC) is all about please check out this post from Michelle at Mummy from the Heart for a full description.
  1. I have been pampered completely in the last week, and it was lovely! Just wish I could afford it every week. 
  2. I had a really good birthday, I spent the day with a really good friend, having a make up lesson and then on to The Queens for Afternoon Tea.
  3. I am really grateful for my friends at the moment, I don't have many, but the ones I have are amazing!

Birthday Afternoon Tea @ The Queens

For my birthday my friend and I booked Afternoon Tea at The Queens Hotel in Leeds.
It was booked through a Living Social deal, so cheaper too!

The building does look quite impressive and it was nice. The staff were friendly and happily changed our teas to cold drinks for us.

The food was nice, four individual finger sandwiches, (salmon & crème fraiche,  ham & course grain mustard, egg mayonnaise, and the compulsory cucumber one).
A warm scone with strawberry jam.
A selection of home-made cakes and pastries, (fruit tart, banoffee, almond tart).

We weren't rushed, although the bar area was very quiet, it was a midweek afternoon.
Overall, a great time, I'd go again.

Make Up Lesson

Those that know me in Real Life know I don't wear make up often. I might wear it for a night out or special occasion. I have been wearing my make up the same for twenty years!

I never really had anyone to show me how to do it properly, and the only time anyone ever did my make up for me was a trail at a department store, where I ended up looking like an eighties’ pop star!
Whilst looking around Beauty Culture’s website, I saw that they had a make up artist, Hayley, on site. I met her during my first appointment and she does make up lessons. I mean she will talk you through exactly how to apply it, using either your own products or hers.

As I was looking for something to do on my birthday, before afternoon Tea at The Queens Hotel, I thought it would be a great it for both my friend and me.

The lessons are two hours long. We both used Hayley’s products, me because I’m useless and forgot (and I don’t have much!) and my friend as she wanted a different look to go with the outfit she has planned for a wedding at the weekend.

Hayley also does Bridal make up, as well as photo shoots and television work, we were in safe hands.

Hayley explained everything step by step, show each of us the process using the other as a model! Everything was so easy to follow, well once we had been shown!

The make up we used was by Arbonne, it was lovely to use and all natural. I ended up placing an order.

After we had both did our make up, we had pictures taken. I was really impressed with the whole thing, all easy, very relaxed, and positive.

I wish I had the lesson years ago!

View Hayley's website here.

Pamper Package @ Beauty Culture

I needed some pampering and was looking at spas. I've never been to a spa and was feeling a bit self conscious of going on my own. 
Some of the prices are enough to make your eyes water more than a Brazilian Wax!
I looked on Wahanda to see if there were any offers on in my area, I saw a few close by. 
I found Beauty Culture and some of their offers looked good and reasonable priced.
After several texts to one of the therapists, I arranged two appointments. The first for the 3 hour pamper package and the second for a St. Tropez spray tan.

Beauty Culture is in a wedding and events showroom. From outside it looks rather dull, but inside is a haven of beauty! There are photos of weddings and events on the walls, beautiful table displays, and a party room with various decorations. 

 My first appointment was on Thursday. I arrived at 10:00 and met Janine, my therapist. I was shown around and given a drink. 

My treatment started with an UniversalContour Wrap, which claims to help you lose inches, a guaranteed 6 inches. 
I was  measured in various places, then wrapped in bandages, that had been soaking in warm clay, from heels to my neck. My therapist then helped me in to the most unflattering silver track / space suit thing! 
Janine was telling me lots of information throughout the process, for example the properties of the clay and what they were good for.

After I was in my sexy suit(!), it was through to the nail salon, for my nails done with Jessica GELeration. There was an array of colours to choose from, but I went for a classic French Manicure, although with a pink sparkle.
Janine even did me a matching French Manicure on my toe nails.

After my nails were set, it was back to the treatment room, where Janine explained the process for the Microdermabrasion facial. Basically, she sandblasted my face with crystals!

After the facial, it was time to unwrap me.  After all the bandages were removed and I was measured again and in total I had lost just over 20 inches! Bonus ☺

I was actually in the salon for four hours and came out feeling really relaxed and feeling good about myself. That doesn't happen often!

I definitely recommend Beauty Culture.

Reasons To Be Cheerful

For more information on what Reasons to Be Cheerful (#R2BC) is all about please check out this post from Michelle at Mummy from the Heart for a full description.

  1. It's my birthday in a couple of days, so I've had a bit of pampering, well actually a lot! ☺I'm going for more on Tuesday, I'm actually have a make up lesson. I've always stuck with my simple make up so it will be good to learn properly!
  2. I've also bought a couple of new dresses. Which is very unusual for me. I'm good at treating and spoiling others, maybe too well; can't buy friendship, right? When my good friend helped me shop, I actually bought myself lots of lovely things. I bought a gorgeous pair of earrings from Swarovski as a birthday treat from Little Lady too.
  3. Little Lady joined me for my dental check up this week. The dentist looked at all her teeth that have come through, all was fine. Kiki was fine with it all. 
  4. My friend and I are going to The Queens Hotel for afternoon tea on my birthday too. 

DWP continues to be useless!

Following from my good news from DWP last week, they have not paid me today. Sometimes, I just despair at the incompetence of a national service.

I called at 08:40, eventually speaking to someone after IVR process.

Apparently, their automated payment service decided I didn't need paying.
Now I have to wait for an all day call back. 

09:21 Call back to say error in system, should be received by lunchtime.

16.19 still no payment. Called to be told 'neither' payment system shows payment. Advised them again had DD's coming out. One if which council tax at best part of £90! No further details, payment not being processed. Passed back to Benefit Centre as urgent. 

00:00 still no signs of payment.

08:45 still no payment, called to be told to wait for another call back.

09:10 callback assuring me would be sent today.

14:37 Finally paid.