Blogging Every Day in August: Best bit of your day (Day 13)

Sarah at Yummy Mummy In Training has set herself a challenge of blogging every day in August and has listed her prompts. As my blogging is a bit hit and miss at the moment, I will be using her prompts to generate some ideas too.

Today's prompt is: Best Bit Of Your Day

This is an easy prompt for me. 
When I wake up on a morning and look over at my Little Lady in bed playing with her toys and she catches my eye, smiles and stretches her hand out to me, with a pointed finger, so we can touch fingers. 

Oh and that 5 minutes when at the end of the day the kiddo's asleep and I pour a glass of wine...

This glass is from Lucinda Jayne Boutique on Etsy, who ships worldwide.

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