Blogging Every Day in August: How are you today? (Day 10)

Sarah at Yummy Mummy In Training has set herself a challenge of blogging every day in August and has listed her prompts. As my blogging is a bit hit and miss at the moment, I will be using her prompts to generate some ideas too.

Today's prompt is: How are you today?

To be honest, I feel like crap. I've had a rough, stressful week, filled with tantrums and tears. 

My O.U. assignment was due last Friday, but I needed to get an extension as I wasn't getting anywhere with it. I have no motivation because of my depression, and very low self esteem, so if I don't understand, it just makes me feel worse.

My concentration is rubbish, I end up having to read every thing several times, but it still doesn't sink in. I'm really struggling with my course. I'm very good (or rather used to be) at things that require a definite answer, so this course was completely new and different. 

Part of me is regretting taking it. I'm doing well (scores wise) but I am not enjoying it. It is very hard going, this isn't my first O.U. course so I knew what to expect. The course is harder work than some Level 3 courses.

I managed to get the assignment in last night, but I'm not at all confident. I don't feel like I'm actually understanding or getting any of it though.

Now we wait.

Oh and I've to finish a double weighted assignment before my exam in 7 weeks!
Wish me luck! 

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