Blogging Every Day in August: Something Beautiful (Day 11)

Sarah at Yummy Mummy In Training has set herself a challenge of blogging every day in August and has listed her prompts. As my blogging is a bit hit and miss at the moment, I will be using her prompts to generate some ideas too. 

Today's prompt is: Something Beautiful 

Bet you can't guess what that made me think of?! Ha!
Of course, my daughter. Yes, obviously I am biased but I think she is beautiful. 

I have told her everyday since she was born that she is beautiful and clever. I don't just mean in the looks sense either.

But am I setting her up for self esteem issues in later life, as has been suggested recently? Or can we just take things in perspective and realise each and everyone of us is beautiful?

Yes, that does include you. And me! 


I found this on Pinterest recently and love it, I can't find a source to credit, do let me know if you know who it is.

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