Play & Fun

I was looking around the internet for play ideas for Little Lady.
She has so many toys that don't get played with, but I wanted something more educational and less reliant on technology (Only so many times you can listen to the Singing Alfie song!).
I pinned quite a few ideas to Pinterest, some of which involved sensory bags and boxes.
Sensory bags or boxes contains items that encourage the child's senses, for example the feel of a product, the sounds it makes, etc.
I was fascinated by the contents some people added:
  • glow water (!)
  • glitter
  • oil
  • hair gel
  • paint
  • shaving foam
  • sand 
  • toys
  • buttons
  • shells
  • lentils
  • pasta
  • rice 
I like messy play, if it's outside! But these are great, so next trip to £1 shops will see Daddy & Me making these.
This one looks great for older kids too - Giant Squishy Sensory Bag

Have you tried these with your children?
Were they received well?


  1. some great ideas there. We used to love doing shaving foam play, gloop and freezing little toys in ice and watching them melt. xxx

    1. Oh ice, didn't think of that. Another one to add to the list. Thank you


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