Photo Canvas Mod Podge Craft

I have a large photo canvas of Kiki from her trip to Olympics, and love the look of it. 

I really like canvas prints, but they are so expensive. 
I found a few pins on Pinterest about using Mod Podge to transfer images.

The first one I tried was using actual photographs. I bought some mini canvases from Pound Shop, 4 in a pack 7cm x 7cm.

I trimmed some pictures to size and put a layer of Mod Podge on each canvas, I then laid the photograph, image size up, once it had dried I added some extra layers of Mod Podge to seal.

*note* I had no Matt Mod Podge so I used Sparkle Mod Podge. Same thing but glittery. Be warned, if you haven't used it before, it is very glittery.

The angle and light on the photograph affect the amount of sparkle. I would recommend Matt Mod Podge!

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