Reasons to be Cheerful

For more information on what Reasons to Be Cheerful (#R2BC) is all about please check out this post from Michelle at Mummy from the Heart for a full description.

This week's Reasons to be Cheerful: 
  1. My exam is on Tuesday and I'm really struggling, so will be glad to see the back of it!
  2. Although I would have preferred a break, my new course starts today, it's advanced writing and I'm glad to get back to something I'm good at!
  3. I lost another 2lbs this week at Slimming World. Expecting a bad week this week as I am using every spare minute to revise, so cooking and having breaks isn't really on the agenda...
  4. I had a fabulous night with my best friend on Wednesday, even if it did mean wandering the streets in the rain and contemplating a break in! lol
  5. Little Lady is doing well, although I suspect she's having a growth spurt or coming down with something as she's really tired, she not giving in though which is making her (and mummy) cranky.
  6. I've found some crafty things I want to make for Christmas presents. One involves using Kiki's old clothes I haven't got around to ebaying, so watch out for some crafty posts (when I find the time).
  7. I entered the weight loss tracker I made for myself and friend into Handmade Harbour's paper craft party, and won! Check out my shiny winner's badge on the right side bar :-)
  8. I continued with my group and felt a bit more comfortable this week, it really helps me that other are going through the same thing if you know what I mean, obviously I'd rather nobody ever suffered mental health difficulties.
So over to you, what have you been up to this week? 
What are your reasons to be cheerful? Do let me know.

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  1. Loads of great reasons there, best of luck with your exam tomorrow and remain positive with the weight loss, you are doing so well. Mich x


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