Kiki's First Haircut

Kiki's never had her haircut, I have been waiting for it to grow long enough to tuck behind her ears, but the boyband hair was wearing me thin.
Kiki doesn't like bobbles, hair clips, or hair bands, well she like to play with them, but they stay in her hair for five minutes!
I eventually relented. I asked people for recommendations of hairdressers in Leeds for kids.
Kiki's child minder recommended a lady who is a mobile hairdresser, Debbie Taylor.
Unfortunately, she doesn't cover my area, but when I contacted her, she offered to let me go to her as it was only a few minute's job. 
It literally was a couple of minutes. I thought Kiki would be a nightmare, but she just stood there and let her get on with it. She even *whispers* let her play with her son's marble track game.




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