Reasons to be Cheerful

Michelle at Mummy from the Heart started running the link up as a way for us to appreciate the small things in life. However, since my break from blogging she has passed over the reins to oJo over at oJo's World.

Ojos World

This week's Reasons to be Cheerful: 
  • As I mentioned in Wobbles Wednesday, I've tried to be good and have tried to get out for a walk when I'm up to it.
  • I've registered for my next O.U. course, nerves and apprehension already but at least I will try.
  • I have cut down the amount of time I'm online. I use Swagbucks to try and earn some Amazon Gift Cards for things I need and for Kiki's birthday presents, but I cannot be bothered at the moment.
  • Kiki hasn't been herself for last few days, that in itself obviously isn't a reason to be cheerful, but she has being giving me lots of cuddles and Daddy got lots too.
  • I'm thinking about deleting my A-Z of Me and starting again, although not sure as it shows where I was and how far I've come.
  • I shared some of my old blog posts I have mental health problems! and Depression, self harm, pregnancy, and F*ck ups on Facebook, not something I ever do, they are separate friends to this part of my life, if that makes sense; and they were received quite positively. One friend actually asked if she could share on her own page.
  • I was invited to Stockeld Park for an exclusive VIP pre-opening event for the Summer Adventure, I'm excited as I've never been, but have heard great things. 
  • As always, people who matter, are around us.   

So over to you, what have you been up to this week? 
What are your reasons to be cheerful? Do let me know.


  1. Great reasons, especially more cuddles! Have a good week #R2BC

    1. Thanks Ellen, cuddles always great :)

  2. I always think that it is very sad when people delete things off the internet, especially when they could help others, so I hope you don't! Or at least maybe post the information somewhere where it can be found. Good luck with the OU course, you're braver than I am x

    1. Thank you, maybe I'll just update it...
      I enjoyed the first 2 O.U. courses I did, but the Design & Designing one was such hard work for me, I stopped enjoying by week 3 and considered dropping it every week after! Looking forward to trying to write again.

    2. Lovely reasons, but don't delete!! Use it to compare, see where you were. Well done on signing up for another OU course, you clever thing you xx

    3. Thanks Jo, just don't want to keep adding to it though.
      As for O.U. not clever, just work my ass off lol


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